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Hosptess Ltd., as a pharmaceutical wholesaler company, is an expert in the commerce of drugs without Hungarian marketing authorisation, and niche therapeutic products. Our goal is to help patients receive the best possible care.

About us

Hosptess Ltd. is a company with wholesaler licence from Budapest, Hungary. Our company was established in 2002. We have more than 15 years of experience and a broad scope of knowledge of the industry.

Hosptess Ltd. previously worked in the field of health care communication. Later, its main field of activity became the wholesale trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Our company covers the whole field of drug distribution.

We provide the possibility for drug suppliers and other actors of health care to reach each other and connect through the complex supply chain.

Our products

Our scope of activities consists of two product groups: distribution in the classic sense, and serving the needs of niche therapeutic areas.

Reporting side effects

Please contact your doctor or pharmacist if you experience any kind of adverse events after using a drug distributed by Hosptess Ltd. Furthermore, please report the suspicion of adverse events (including those not listed in the leaflet) using the following addresses:

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